Thursday, June 20, 2019

Consequences of a college student cheating on exams Essay

Consequences of a college school-age child cheating on exams - Essay ExampleHowever, cheating comes with its consequences, many of which can prove to be deleterious to the education and future career of a college student. College students have as many reasons as to why they cheat as they have methods to cheat. Some of the most everyday reasons as to why college students claim to cheat include not having enough time to study, the material was too hard to understand and they did not want to try on tutoring, and they had other stressful things going on in their lives that they could not possibly find time to care about studying. So, being unprepared for their exams, they prepare alternatively to cheat. They bring in sheets containing notes, facts, and even answers they copy fellow students some even obtain the actual test and simply memorize the answers. College students can get imaginative with how they cheat. However, if they put the same amount of effort into preparing for their tests, they would not have to rely on cheating. The consequences of cheating in college are a lot different and more(prenominal) intense than consequences of cheating in elementary school, or even in high school. ... When a college student is caught cheating on an exam, the first course of accomplishment that is go forn is that they not only receive a failing grade on that exam, but they usually receive a failing grade for the ideal course. This is done for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, if the student was volitioning to cheat on an exam, there is nothing to suggest that they were honest with any of their work earlier to taking the exam. Also, by cheating on the exam, they show that they are not serious about their education as a college student. When a student receives a failing grade for the class, they are often removed from the class and are not refunded their money for the remainder of the course (Noah & Eckstein 104). In the case that the class is a core clas s and is therefore required, the student usually faces the consequence of not being accepted back into that class in a later semester. Next, the student is brought before the student disciplinary board of their university. The disciplinary board will make the decision of what should happen next to the student. In most cases, if this is the students first time being caught cheating, they are put on academic probation, which can vary from one semester or until they graduate. Their grades are monitored, and they often have to take their tests alone and under strict supervision of a designated instructor. If they are caught cheating again, or if the person brought before the board is a repeat offender, the student is expelled from the college. formerly a student has been caught cheating numerous times and are then expelled from their school, it becomes difficult to find another college that will take them because their record of cheating will follow them wherever they go. No other coll ege is going to be

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