Saturday, June 15, 2019

Racism in todays High school Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Racism in todays High school - Essay ExampleSchools in the United States book been charge for propagating racist activities and practicing favoritism against minority tribes. Studies in schools across the country have showed increased racism today as compared to the times of Martin Luther King Junior, the human rights activist. Non-whites have been subjected to unequal treatment in dropout factory high schools across the country in which most of them end up not graduating due to the poor tuition education and ineffective teachers. Most of these students do not prepare for life after high school as the environment is non-convincing and the teachers do not get on them to pursue their education beyond high school level. In this paper, racism in todays high schools in the United States will be discussed, highlighting the challenges that non-white students face and how the system has done little to increase educational equality (Resmovits, 2014).Though the approaches used in the 50s t o depict the minority as lowly in schools have changed, newer approaches have emerged in schools and these have continued to build racial animosity among students. According to a report released by the United States part of education, racism in high schools has advanced and minority students are finding it hard to graduate in time. Today, discrimination varies from the form punishment used on students, qualification of the teachers assigned to the minority communities and the use of IQ tests as a way of showing capability.The US department of education showed that black students and those from the minority Spanish Americans receive more severe punishment as compared to their white counterparts. This stems from the notion that has depicted the blacks as more prone to violence and with less ability to go out unless punished. Veteran teachers in school have more experience and are best placed to address the challenges

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