Saturday, July 27, 2019

American Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

American Popular Culture - Essay Example In both presentations, popular culture is normally perceived as being less important by its icons so as to bring together wide acceptance that can dominate the mainstream ideology. As a consequence, it is normally castigated by non-mainstream forces which consider it shallow, consumerist, scandalous, or dishonest. This paper compares and contrasts the role of race (as discussed by another party) and advertising (presented by myself) in the American popular culture. Media advertising is largely a general part of the human lifestyle, especially in a consumerist society in the same way as race (Solomon 59). The average person in American society is faced with numerous adverts every day including billboards, television commercials, movie trailers and commodity introduction in films, online ads, radio and print media ads among others in the same way race pops up in virtually every social setting. In my presentation, advertising is seen as partly driven by popular culture attributes, and partly educative, in the sense that, the consumer learns about and how to understand other ways in which the popular culture manifests such as the needs and preferences of racial groups in respect of commodities set for sale. According to Solomon (60) Movie trailers, for example, are not just geared towards the sale of the media clip, but rather they attempt to influence the way the audiences perceive the storyline and the actions. Owing to the integration of various races in a film, the effect on the audience is similar to that of pure advertising in the sense that both improve socialization through cross-cultural interactions, influencing thought processes and the feelings of the audience in a balanced way. Cross-racial interactions in movies are similar to and or compliments media ads seeking unity in diversity, especially in the wake of globalization.

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