Tuesday, July 23, 2019

U.S History Review Essay Example for Free

U.S History Review Essay It is important to study the history of the U. S because it helps us to learn about the people of America and even about American societies. It also helps us understand how these people or the societies usually behave. This is because history tends to base evidence on analyzing and contemplating about how societies function not only nowadays, but from the past. Examining the history of the U. S can help us understand the changes of the society from the very past up to the state they are in today (Crabtree, 1993). Further, studying U. S history can make us understand Americas’ political progress from the past to date. We thus can be informed on the shape of the politics in the past and the major developments. Moreover we can even look into the factors that caused changes in the various American political parties. Conversely, historical analyses of voter turnout in key American elections and the associated evolution can make us understand some of the problems American people face today. This can also enable us to understand the present political health of the U. S (Steele, 2009). Moreover, we can understand economic changes in America and factors or policies that the government used to see their economy rising. This information can also help any other nation to improve their economy (Crabtree, 1993). Conversely, the cultural values of the American people can be understood by studying the history of U. S. We can understand the issues of the past by having a look at how people used to live in the past ages which serve as a sense of excitement and beauty (Steele, 2009). Studying the history of America can make one grow psychologically. This can broaden one’s mind besides making somebody to understand how they can solve problems as they come using facts that were used by philosophers in the past (The Manhattan Institute). References Crabtree, D. (1993). The Importance of History. Retrieved 8th June 2010, from http://www. mckenziestudycenter. org/society/articles/history. html Steele, D. D. (2009). The Importance of Local History. Charleston, SC: BiblioBazaar, LLC. The Manhattan Institute. Why Study War? Victor Davis Hanson, City Journal Summer 2007. Retrieved 8th June 2010, http://www. city-journal. org/html/17_3_military_history. html

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