Tuesday, November 19, 2019

TSA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

TSA - Essay Example They also check and verify passengers’ travel documents. They keep a check on cargo buildings of companies that ship items on planes when there are no passengers aboard. A TSO cannot perform shift maintenance on equipment. He is trained three weeks in a classroom setting and needs to complete 80 hours of on-the-job training to become a TSO. Without TSOs, the security checkpoint could not be run properly and efficiently. The TSOs are only accountable for their own selves, whereas LTSOs and STSOs are held responsible for other officers in addition to their own actions. The next category is the Lead Transportation Security Officer (LSTO). He is the go-between for the TSOs and STSOs. LSTOs train entry level TSOs for their 80 hours of on-the-job training. LTSOs are the head of the exit lane. They keep the supplies stocked for the day for every security lane. They check planes making sure that there are no threats before the passengers board the plane. They can do all basic maintenance on equipment that is used daily, for example, they perform maintenance on the Explosion Trace Detector (ETD) to make sure it is detecting explosives. LTSOs report to the operation center any issues regarding the equipment that may raise doing the course of the day. An LTSO deals with passenger issues that a TSO could not have resolved. They are responsible for everyone on their lane such as they control and supervise passengers without using physical restraint. An LTSO cannot complete the daily operational paperwork as they do not have access to employee personal files. The last category is the Supervisory Transportation Security Officer (STSO) who is held accountable for every officer. STSOs are trained at TSO level because they are responsible for making sure that all officers are doing their job correctly. All officers get daily briefing from STSOs before going to their respective shifts. STSOs must complete all daily

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