Friday, October 18, 2019

Audience Reading Popular Cultural Text Research Paper

Audience Reading Popular Cultural Text - Research Paper Example The team is comprised of two Air Force officers, an archaeologist and an alien that joined them on one of their travels. The US Air Force coordinates their travels, and that of other teams, to make friends with 'people' of other planets, and to procure technology that will aid in the defence of Earth from the threat of the alien race, the Goa'uld, who are a parasitic species who take human bodies as hosts, set themselves up as gods, and enslave the people of the planets they invade. Earth's Stargate was found within Egyptian ruins, and it took the Air Force 50 years to work out how to use it, drawing on the knowledge of our best archaeologists, physicist and engineers. I will investigate an audience reading of this text by using a focus group. The aim of this paper is to present the results of an audience analysis of Stargate SG1. Firstly, I will present my own reading of the text. Secondly, my investigation method will be explained. Thirdly, I will provide the results of the focus group discussion in regards to humour; stereotypes; and the ideology of Stargate SG1. Fourthly, I will apply different theoretical approaches to the text in regards to the key themes. Fourthly, I will highlight the implications of this text. Finally I shall present a conclusion that will synthesise the main points of the paper, and makes recommendations for future audience analysis of the Stargate series. I will now present my own reading of the text. ... especially in the USA and other Western nations, such as defending ourselves, interactions with those who are 'other' than ourselves, and the moral dilemmas involved in intervening or not intervening when another group of 'people' are at war or oppressed on their own planets. The show is very reliant on hard science to provide explanations for how the Stargate works, as well as the workings of extra-terrestrial weaponry, healing devices, and other cultural artefacts. This provides a clear mediation of the text with our present knowledge in quantum physics and human psychology, making the show more believable as I am not disengaged from my viewing through incongruent information. The series also delves into spirituality, particularly Buddhism, to provide an overall meaning to the universe, and a purpose to the lives of all who dwell within it. I find this interesting and of value to myself as a viewer, as Buddhism is a philosophy that provides many answers to me in my life.Especially, the humour within the series is salient. One of the lead actors, and he is also one of the producers, being Richard Dean Anderson from the 1970s series Amcgyver. His flip attitude is particularly amusing, given his character's role as a colonel in the Air Force, I expected the stereotypical behaviour of discipline, restraint, and authoritarianism. I admire that the series attempts to break down stereotypes, as the physicist/engineer on the team is a woman, who spends her leave time working on her motorbike, and is an excellent lock-picker, although she remains feminine.The ideology of the series is 'respect for others, and what's potentially out there'. A primary mission of SG1 is to peacefully seek out other life-forms to establish diplomatic ties. This engages me to

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