Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Brutal Facts That Universities Must Face Today Term Paper

The Brutal Facts That Universities Must Face Today Term Paper The Brutal Facts That Universities Must Face Today – Term Paper Example The Brutal Facts Universities Must Face Today Whatever it is that universities look like today is far much different from how they used to look like fifty years ago. Similarly, by 2030, the universities will look totally different again. But "how has our universities changed and what has made them change in that manner?" is the main question that should be unraveled. The current condition of our universities presents "brutal facts" that we have to deal with, however, unpleasant they may look. Such facts present university and higher education at large, in America, at crossroads (Ricardo 1).Some of the facts that we have to deal with in our universities are positive while others are negative. One such fact is on the university funding that has since been reduced. Public funding to support education has been greatly reduced leaving the students with huge tuition fees to pay to support their education. This is a fact that leaves the students with huge debts that they owe to the loans in stitutions that fund education through offering loans to students. This has not even taken into consideration other fees that each university charges to its students such as high parking fees at the Valparaiso University. The students have to part with $140 per semester just to secure parking in the school. As a result, university education remains very expensive in todays world, and we have to deal with it. Secondly, universities are also faced with the challenges brought about by the rapid demographic changes. Such have seen an increasing higher number of students seek university education. Universities have limited resources and spaces for students. However, they are required to admit quite a huge number of students. This increases the rate of international students seeking education in other countries with more universities with adequate resources. Such students may also face discrimination in some instance where the host country students, like here in Valparaiso, may not treat them in a friendly manner. The universities are for this reason expected to recognize such facts and deal with them at the management level.Thirdly, the current technological advancement has come to the rescue of our universities by spurring innovation as it makes university education more affordable and obtainable. However, this fact has also been faced with the challenges of the socio-economic inequalities where only wealthy and more sophisticated students can afford such kind of education in a more enriching manner. Technology also renders some teaching methods obsolete and makes the university adjust with the technological changes to remain effective and efficient. In a nutshell, current universities are faced with very brutal facts give the universities a hard time to deal with. Most of these facts tend to be because of the transitions that the universities have to pass through. If this trend continues, future universities will be faced with even more brutal facts, that what we face today, that they will be required to deal with.Work CitedRicardo, Azziz. "American Higher Education Crisis?- A Fact-filled and Thought-Provoking Must Read." The Blog (2015): 1. Web. .

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