Tuesday, October 29, 2019

How Schools and Services Support and Protect Children and Families Essay

How Schools and Services Support and Protect Children and Families - Essay Example The epidemic proportions of the incidents of child abuse and neglect are very alarming and call for instant action on the part of government, schools and private institutions. As the rate and the extent of these problems increase, there is also a need for a more unified response on the part of the school, government and other social service providers. The social services along with schools can aid in providing the necessary guidance, support, and direction to the children and their parents. The primary functions of the schools to soundly educate are the best protection a child can get. However, in today’s world, the social and physical problems of the children have grown so large and complex that it is rather foolish to focus on just the academic needs of the children. The problem of physical violence and crime is becoming a commonplace issue in schools. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that the number of robbery or violent crime incidents on or near school grounds is 3 million per school year (Hatkoff 1994). The fact that an increasing number of children are fearful and cautious about taking a trip to and from school and tend to avoid particular places at school out of fear of an attack. The issue of violence and assault in schools is extremely complex and the concern over its consequences is increasing as it has long-lasting physical and emotional consequences. The government authorities are realizing this and initiating program and directing funds to local school districts for the purpose of making schools safer. There are many programs which are being initiated at schools to help students recognize that bullying is wrong and a cowardly act by people with low self esteem. Children who are known to be affected by domestic abuse or substance misuse are supported effectively at schools. The value of this service is unparalleled as it manages the children’s behavior and supports their development. A study issued by The Department of Education reflects the role of the school in helping the student to build healthy relationships inside and outside the school. The study recommends involving the parents and community to collaborate and aid in building disciplined, safe and healthy relationship of the students with the outside world (U.S. Department of Education, 1993). The teacher having influence and authority over the students can be helpful in creating a safe environment, free of any kind of physical abuse or violence.Teens, Crime and the Community (TCC) is one interactive program that incorporates the students in execution at all the stages of the program. It is launched by the National Crime Prevention Council and it has an aim to educate young people about crime, delinquency and involves them in projects which help them to make their schools and communities safer (National Crime Prevention Council, 1993). This program has been successfully implemented in more than 500 US sch ools in 40 states, involving more than 400,000 youths.

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