Monday, September 23, 2019

Hospitality Mangement - Destination Report - Comprehensive Report Assignment

Hospitality Mangement - Destination Report - Comprehensive Report - Assignment Example Santa Fe is the capital city of Mexico, and doubles up as the oldest capital city in the U.S. it is recognized as a chief tourist destination owing to its climate which supports multiple outdoor activities such as skiing in winter, and hiking in other seasons (â€Å"Santa Fe† n.p.). In addition, it hosts many cultural activities, and has an historic downtown which is also a tourist attraction. There are famous names originating from the region such as Antonio Lopez who is famous for playing a big role in Mexico’s gain of independence, Anna Gunn who is a popular actor on screen and stage, and Jeremy Rau Valdez who is famous for his awards and roles in television and film roles. One challenge to the tourist destination is the standoff between Hispanics and whites, who create tension with their rivalry, thus scare away tourists (Caffey, 13). The peak seasons in Santa Fe are during winter, which is around Christmas when there are much skiing and snow-related activities. The low season is experienced in summer, around March when temperatures can attain 55 degrees. The airfare and hotel rates vary similarly with season; with the rates escalating during high seasons, and being moderate during low seasons. Activities supported in Santa Fe include hiking, biking, mountaineering and skiing. There is much to see as well such as the Canyon Road which hosts most of Mexican heritage and historical sites such as the St. Francis of Assisi Basilica and the Plaza. Nightlife in this destination is mostly marked with music and live performances offered in the restaurants, clubs and bars. People convene and socialize in such places. There are numerous festivals held in Santa Fe such as the International Folk Art Market at Museum Hill, the Santa Fe Film festivals in December, and the Pueblo Winter Feast Days and Dances in January. There are hundreds of food palaces offering

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