Saturday, September 28, 2019

Movie reflaction 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Movie reflaction 2 - Essay Example In other words, there are parts of social life that are perfectly normal, but from a certain perspective the main character should be seen as a person who struggles with a mental health disorder, though it is not vivid at first. Another important point that is made in the film is the contribution to science that is made by people who are different. This is particularly seen in the first scenes, when the character that is played by Russell Crowe is admitted to the university: he is undeniably apt, but awkward around other people. At a party which was held in the university he argues with one of participants, noting that despite being a scientists, the latter is accustomed to making mistakes, implying imperfections of his publication that he read earlier. One should note that the issues which were mentioned above might have a significant influence on the society. For example, if the latter draws a strict line between what should be seen as normal and deviant, those who belong to the second group will be oppressed. In addition to that, if the main character had been recognized as mentally ill he would have never been able to make his valuable contribution to science and such a beautiful mind as his would have been lost forever for the

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