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Photography Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Photography - Research Paper Example This image happens to be the first ever image that existed and did not get deleted on its own. Later Joseph came into collaboration with Louis Daguerre who is a France born artist and physicist and their collaboration led to the development of daguerreotype which is recognized for being the predecessors of films that are modern in nature (Hirsch 10). These remained high in demand until these types were replaced by the emulsion plates during the period of 1850s. The emulsion plates are even recognized as wet plates and are even less costly as compared to their predecessors and these plates were faster than the previous ones to become exposed. These wet plates do not use coatings on the imaging plate and these plates rather use a procedure recognized as process of emulsion which is characterized as Collodian process. Another great change experienced by the concept of photography during the period of 1870s is the introduction of dry plates which were invented by Richard Maddox and these plates were a result of improvements made to the previous wet plates and these plates were equal to the efficiency and quality of the wet plates (Hirsch 137). These plates were better than the wet plates as these plates could be stored before being used, unlike the wet plates which were only created in accordance to need. Development of dry plates even helped in developing cameras which were portable in size and since these plates led to decrease in time of exposure, these plates influenced the development of first ever mechanical shutter. Before 1980s only professionals used to get involved in the practice of photography or only the elites of the society had access to it, during the 1980s, George Eastman developed a company named Kodak and he was the one who created the first roll films that were flexible in nature and did not need to be changed like previous plates which were solid in nature (Hirsch 447). With this invention, he even created a box camera that had the ability to h old more than 100 films at the same time. George Eastman was an American contributor to the industry of photography and the Kodak Company is a US hosted multinational firm. The camera produced by George Eastman was quite inexpensive and easily accessible to the society, the films that were used in this camera were quite larger in size as compared to the 35 mm films used today. The 35 mm films took some time to be easily accessible to common man and during the 1940s these films became quite affordable. Later during the 1930s, the 35 mm films were used by photographers including Henri-Carter Bresson who is recognized as the father of photojournalism (Hirsch 254). He was the one who invented the capturing of real life images rather than depending on staged images. The invention of this form of photography completely altered the field of photography. While 35 mm films were becoming popular, Polaroid was the one who introduced a secretive method of developing films while they were in the vicinity of the camera and recognized this process as the Model 95 (Hirsch 351). This type of photography soon became very famous among the masses but this form of imaging was quite expensive. By the period of 1960s, Polaroid gained great popularity and several models were developed which

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