Thursday, September 12, 2019

The major operating system and network you are using on a daily basis Essay

The major operating system and network you are using on a daily basis - Essay Example First a cable based on CAT6a ( Able Infrastructure Solutions, n.d.) 1 Gbps switched network. The Second is an 802.11n wireless (Wi-Fi) network. Both networks are configured with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP) (TCP/IP), Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPV4). (Brookshear, et al., 2011) The operating system and network are adequately designed and developed to perform their tasks in our environment. †¢ Windows OS allows for quick develop of wide and varied multithread applications. Ability to support a wide variety of hardware devices through device drivers is important in a hospital setting as is an interactive user experience through use of a GUI interface. †¢ Combining a star and bus network topology creates a scalable network, with the ability to maintain a requirement for low amounts of down time encase of failure of devices. (Brookshear, et al., 2011) The advantages outweigh and disadvantages the Windows OS bring can be summarised as: †¢ The advantages are outweigh such as quicker support for newer hardware, vendors availability of readymade applications and varied devices available that work with Windows vs. other OS’s (MNS Group, 2012) †¢ Ability to be adapted and access to a wide support knowledge base to fix problems or issues A few highlighted disadvantages to the Windows OS are: †¢ Vulnerability to frequent virus or security attacks. Microsoft does offer regular security updates to protect against vulnerabilities. †¢ Closed source single source for procuring creates high acquisition cost for this OS. †¢ Variable hardware implementation compatibilities can create high support workload (RJ Systems, 2010) (Stallings, 2005)

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