Saturday, August 24, 2019

Factors Of Selecting A Destination Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Factors Of Selecting A Destination - Coursework Example Issues concerning the safety of tourists are as engrossing as they are profound. Most studies that examine the relationship between tourism, terrorism and political stability likewise yield issues that arise due to war and crime. The inquiry remains, notwithstanding, whether these studies shed sufficient light on the current understanding of how global tourism survives in political violence or terrorism. Without any doubt, â€Å"even its active and valuable economic impact does not shield global tourism from the vile force of terrorism† (Buhalis et al., 2006, p.33). While many natural or human-caused events can altogether effect the growth of tourism, security issues, and political turmoil scare potential tourists. The relationship between tourism and terrorism involves many aspects: possible interventions to curb security risks, effects of terrorism on tourism demand, and motives of targeting certain tourists. The trepidation of unexpected terrorist activities is not new, but rather the attention it has commanded traces back to ten years ago. In recent events, â€Å"the 1991 Persian Gulf War and other related global worldwide terrorism refocused consideration on the subject† (Sà ¶nmez, 1998, p.1). On various occasions, terrorist assaults have been experienced in other parts of the world. These violence activities have pushed the tourism and travel industry to come up with travel paradigm shifts hence making tourism security a fundamental consideration for all tourists. Vital inquiries remain: how do places characterized political difficulties handle the negative image? How does the tourism industry at large deal with the emergence of political turmoil? By what method would governments use to curb terrorism and political instability? Subsequently, this paper endeavors to discuss factors to be considered by tourists while selecting a destination. Politics is a major risk

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