Thursday, August 8, 2019

World cup history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

World cup history - Essay Example I. The world cup is organized every four years and countries context to host the world cup with the 2014 world cup being held in Brazil, the 2018 world cup will be hosted by Russia while the 2022 world cup is to be hosted by Qatar. The world cup presents a global stage for countries to present their best footballers in the most competitive tournament in soccer globally leading to the generation of the best football icons. III. I have researched, did document analysis and made enquiries and from stakeholders in the course of the preparation of this speech increasing the accuracy and credibility of the information therein. IV. The ideas presented include the reason for the start of the world cup, the top scorers, the winners, and the procedure for the selection of the participating teams and number in the world cup in different continents. There was a need for an international football event owing to restrictions by Olympics on professional athletes that led to the first world cup hosted by Uruguay in July 18, 1930 (Lisi, 2). The restrictions limited the ability of professional athletes to make an impact in the Olympics and lead to the development of the best footballers leading to the need for the creation of a tournament that will translate to global cohesion, develop teams, and lead to augmented football professionalism. In 1934 and 1938, the world cup was staged in Italy and France respectively but due to the word war, it was next held in 1950 and every four years thereafter to the current world cup in Brazil (FIFA, 2014). There have been 20 world cup editions and the most successful country in the world cup is Brazil with five world cup trophies. The other world cup winners are Italy with four titles, three titles for Germany, Argentina and Uruguay have to titles, and one title for France, England and 2010 winners Spain making 8 different winners of the world cup. The world cup has had different world cup scorers but it is the

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