Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Iranian revolution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Iranian revolution - Research Paper Example As business came up, the standards of living started to rise and the death rates began to decrease due to improvements made in the local hospitals.Pahlevi Shah introduced westernization program in the country and this to some extent help in the economic development of the country in terms of trade improvement.1 In the year 1941, the Germans wanted to seize the oil fields of Iran as they took advantage of the country’s poor developments in terms of the economy which made the country weak and could not protect itself from outside threats. However, the Soviet Union and Britain joined forces to protect the oil fields of Iran from German seizure Shah abdicated because of his Allied presence and friendliness to Alexi’s powers. Muhammad Reza Shah, the son of Pahlevi Shah took over the throne and adopted the policy of pro-Allied. The Iranian government in the year 1945 requested for the withdrawal of occupying troops since it came to word that the Soviet Union forces were in some way encouraging separatist movements in some of the Northern provinces of Iran and in 1946, the troops were withdrawn from the country. The control of the oil industry was the main reason why conflicts arose in Iran in the year 1950. The wealth that was being generated from the oil trade was so huge and this led to a major political crisis in the country since prominent people in the country started fighting for control of the oil industry.2 In 1951, Muhammad Mossadegh was appointed prime minister and his relationship with Shah was not encouraging. They kept on fighting each other and in the 1953, Shah dismissed the prime minister. Mossadegh resisted yielding and this forced Shah to flee to Rome. Riots were experienced for three consecutive days and at last Royalist won back Teheran control and this made Shah to return and Mossadegh to be jailed. Throughout the

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