Saturday, August 10, 2019

Incivility and Resolution Using an Ethical-Reasoning Tool Assignment

Incivility and Resolution Using an Ethical-Reasoning Tool - Assignment Example The nurse experienced embarrassment as there were a lot of other nurses and around (Clark, 2008). Example 2: A nursing staff member was shouted at loudly in front of all other nurses during a training session for nurses working in a healthcare setting. As a result, the nursing staff member started focusing on coping strategy instead of focusing on the lecture being taught. Example 3: During a meeting between the head of different departments of a healthcare setting, the Nursing department’s head raised his hand to provide insight regarding the issue being discussed. He was not acknowledged and his gesture of raising hand was ignored by the director of the healthcare institute. The National League for Nursing has devised a toolkit to counter issues such as incivility in healthcare settings (NLN, 2013). This tool kit has provided with several ways through which various concerns of healthcare settings can be resolved. The toolkit deals with issues such as compensation and benefits, leadership, healthcare setting’s environment and

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