Monday, August 12, 2019

Poverty in developed Countries Research Proposal

Poverty in developed Countries - Research Proposal Example Poverty is a worldwide problem that is faced by not only developing but also developed states of the world. Poverty is a condition that is problematic. It is related to inability of fulfilment of necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, education, health security and employment. Poverty is linked to many other problems such as death, diseases, inequality, over population and many other problems. Developed countries are those countries that are considered financially stable and sound. The developed countries are regarded as able to control the problem of poverty of their countries but this is not true as poverty is quite prominent there. This paper contains a description related to the poverty in developed countries. Initially poverty is defined. Afterwards, developed countries are described and then, there is a detailed account of poverty in developed countries and lastly, the topic is concluded. Poverty can be defined as a condition when people are unable to meet their day to day needs and are also unable to get the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and clothing (Smeeding, et, al., 1990). Poverty also incorporates the capacity of obtainment of suitable employment, suitable education and equal rights. Poverty is considered as a condition, in which people can not avail the necessities of life. Good and healthy food, pure water, good clothes and a secure house to live, are the basic requirements of each and every human being (Rector and Johnson, 2004). Many people are unable to fulfil their requirements on the basis of their being poor. The poor people are unable to gather a good income with the help of which, they can buy or get the necessities of their life. Their children are unable to get good education. They along with their children are unable to get the required medical facilities because of the lack of income (Smeeding, et, al., 1990). They try to live in conditions that are unsafe for them and their children because they

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